Your Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida


presmessage2Welcome to the Safety Net Hospital Alliance Web Site! As the President of the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida “The Alliance”, I am dedicated to providing our member institutions with state and federal governmental advocacy of the essential safety net role that each Alliance member provides of ensuring all Floridians have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay.

Under my direction, The Alliance advocacy efforts focus primarily on government sponsored programs for the uninsured and state health policy impacting access to private health insurance.

The Alliance has several key priorities for this Legislative Session, which includes protecting the Medicaid Low Income Pool, preservation of Medicaid rates and supporting Red Light Camera Legislation that will help fund our state’s trauma centers. Protecting Medicaid funding is vital to health care in our state, particularly for safety net hospitals. We must continue to encourage our legislators to preserve funding to help us continue to provide care for our most vulnerable.

The Alliance advocates on behalf of Florida’s 14 safety net hospital systems to ensure that they have the resources to continue their mission of providing accessible and high-quality health care for all Floridians, regardless of their ability to pay. These hospitals—acknowledged as among America’s best—play a vital role in the state’s health care system as teaching hospitals, public hospitals, regional perinatal intensive care centers and children’s hospitals. Though they make up only 10 percent of Florida’s hospitals, safety nets provide half of the state’s charity care, 80 percent of the state’s graduate education, and 67 percent of the organ transplants performed in the state. They perform two out of three organ transplants and treat 99 percent of inpatient burn victims in Florida.

I encourage you to use or website to find useful information about our outstanding institutions and learn about the services they provide. We hope that you will use this site as your resource for timely and accurate information about issues affecting our hospitals. Please check back often, as we will be updating the site as events unravel during this Legislative Session. If you would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact us.

It is a pleasure to serve as the president of the Safety Net Hospital Alliance, and I look forward to a successful 2018 Legislative Session.



Anthony P. Carvalho
Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida