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Who We Are, What We Do and Why We’re Different


The Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida advocates on behalf of Florida’s 14 safety net hospital systems located in the most densely populated areas, yet with clinics and transfer agreements covering Florida’s rural communities and coast to coast.

The teaching, public, children’s and regional perinatal intensive care hospitals comprising the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida share a common, yet unique mission. We provide the most highly specialized medical care and train tomorrow’s doctors. Yet, unlike some, our doors are open to all of our state’s citizens. This combination of advanced medical care and commitment to our communities is what sets us apart.

We offer medical education for tomorrow’s physicians and nurses. We serve as trauma centers, offering highly specialized medical expertise and dedicated emergency treatment for Floridians throughout the state. We provide specialized care to women and children, as well as operate costly services like burn units, transplantation and neonatal intensive care, knowing full well that there will never be enough patient volume to cover the expense of offering these lifesaving services to the unfortunate few who need them.

Safety net hospitals ensure that the citizens of Florida receive the care that they need—and deserve.

Our Mission


The objective of the organization is to provide support for the mission of their membership as it relates to the essential safety net role for assuring health care access to all Floridians, regardless of their ability to pay for these services. This support may include governmental advocacy, public relations efforts and community education programs that help assure health care access for the uninsured either through the governmental sponsored care or through public and/or private efforts that make private health insurance more accessible to all citizens of the state.